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About Us

Welcome to my rainbow-colored, glitter-loaded, yummy-smelling, magical world! We hope to inspire you to release your inner unicorn!

Unicorns are definitely happening right now. From unicorn-inspired frappuccinos to rainbow hair color, to people putting horns on their horses, they’re absolutely having their moment in the sun... and we all know someone who is obsessed.  Whether they love one, want to look like one, or think they are one... we’ve got the perfect selection of gift ideas for the unicorn lover in your life. (Please note: no unicorns were harmed in the making of these products!) If you enjoy a bit of whimsy in your wonderland, welcome to Unicorn Life Shop!

Unicorns give off all the good vibes, so we obviously want to incorporate that magic into our homes. Unicorn decor isn't just for kids — there are plenty of chic, playful ways to add it to an adult space. Flowing fabrics and iridescent sheen, colors galore from locks to accessories, shiny shades, glitter eyelashes, an array of jewel tones and multicolored knick knacks... Accessorize your home with a unicorn poster or adorn yourself with unicorn-themed jewelry. Don’t forget to add some handy and temporary clip-in extensions for a pop of color without the commitment of dye. Opt for some rainbow shades, whether you are staying home for a cozy day in, or out and about conquering the world with your super powers!

I created Unicorn Life Shop because I had a vision of creating more magic, joy, and enchantment in the world. It's my hope that my shop will light up your day, your week, your month, wherever you are. And I love getting to know you guys on Instagram! Join the conversation @unicornlifeshop.